The studio's self-image is characterized by the complex interplay of practice and research on a wide variety of architectural scales. Our work is always based on recognizing and understanding the values that lie in the everyday, the material constraints and the cultural context.

As a working method, we use a dialectical approach that can be described as a sequence of observation, hypothesis formulation and testing, enriched with experience and multidisciplinary knowledge.

Experiences, a synthesis of observations of phenomena through the senses and memories, are intuitively interwoven with hypotheses that react to these perceptions to form visions, with the aim of formulating spatial relationships and offering space for experience.

The range of services provided by Becker Architects and Planners BDA extends from urban development projects to public buildings, office, residential and commercial buildings and infrastructure projects in existing buildings.





Since the studio was founded, numerous projects have been created in recent years, the quality of which has been vouched for by publications and awards.

In 2022, Haus SF was nominated for the Heinze Architecture Award and received an award for the Allgäu Building Prize in 2018.

In 2017, the studio was recognized as the top architecture firm in German-speaking countries by an independent specialist analysis by Focus magazine.

In 2015, Haus KR received an award as part of the book publication Häuser des Jahres.

In 2010 and 2011, the Iler hydropower plant was awarded the German Concrete Architecture Prize, the German Commercial Building Prize pbb, the international Lichtenstein Prize for sustainable building in the Alps and the German Architecture Prize.

Also in 2010, the Glass Competence Center for Southern Germany received recognition for the German Commercial Building Award pbb.

House KL received the Knauf Diamant Award in 2008 and the Velux Award Germany, Switzerland in 2006.

House Z was awarded the Allgäu Timber Construction Prize in 2005, the Bavarian State Prize for pioneering ecological housing construction in 2002 and the Bavarian Homeland Prize in 2001, which was also awarded to House W in 2001.

In 2003, House H received recognition at both the German Architecture Prize and the German Timber Construction Prize and was awarded the Allgäu Timber Construction Prize in 2002.



Diplom Ingenieur
Architekt. Stadtplaner. BDA


Al-Abbadi Maysoon

Bachelor of Science

Wang Zuoxin

Master of Science 

Xu Jiayin

Bachelor of Arts

A - N

Birges Borbola B.Sc., Fischer Gabriel, Glajc Anna M.Sc.Arch, Götz Johannes M.Sc.Arch., Hörberg Carina, Hoffmann Sebastian M.Sc.Arch., Huffer Alva M.Sc.Arch, Kast Bernhard Dipl.Ing.Arch, Miller Samantha, Müller Ayesha, Muhziroglu Suzan

O - Z 

Pätzold Oliver Dipl.Ing.Arch., Pizzoli Fabiana M.Sc.Arch, Polzer Martin Dipl.Ing.Arch, Probst Matthias M.Sc.Arch., Schafroth Roland M.Sc.Arch., Scherer Ronja M.Sc.Arch., Schechinger Christian M.Sc.Arch., Schröck Franz Dipl.Ing.Arch., Simon Alvin M.Sc., Stachel Robert M.Sc.Arch, Stellato Ricardo M.Sc.Arch., Ujvari Andrea, Vogler Silvia, Winterhalter Rieka, Wolfertshofer Markus M.Sc.Arch








Keselstraße 14
87435 Kempten. Allgäu
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